Children's Cancer Awareness Button Pin 50 pcs


Personalized a button for your favourite charity. Support someone with a button that inspires. Make one for yourself or make one for the team. Pictured buttons are just a sample of an order from a team. We can make your own button pins to fit your style/ group 

25% of the proceeds on these buttons will go to BCCHF
25% of the proceeds on these buttons will go to LIGHT THE NIGHT FOUNDATION.

Button size 1 x 1 inches. We can customize the button to fit your idea. Got another idea you want for your pins? Message us and we will be more than happy to work with your vision.

* Quality full coloured print with your personalized informations
* Mylar plastic top coat to protect the graphics                                                                      * Available in pin, keychain or magnet


A journey of a Warrior Princess. She might be small, but she has an amazing spirit and a fighting attitude. Julianne wants to share her story with all those that care about her, pray for her and think about her. It’s important to bring awareness to leukemia and to all the different kinds of childhood cancer. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from it can happen to anyone…No one is immune from it. Julianne comes from a family with no cancer history! This might be hard to read, but take your time, show Julianne that you want to join her fight and that she is not alone.  
Cancer picked the wrong princess to mess with.

Follow her journey and be inspired at


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